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Re: EVF and Battery Drain

Erik Ohlson wrote: [...]

An OVF always has parallax problems,

But, isn't parallax primarily a problem with relatively close subjects, where the difference of a couple of inches between the OVF and lens DO make a difference?

and is totally unsuited to long, & even moderate zooms.

My first digicam, a Kodak DC290, had an OVF that zoomed to match the lens coverage - but it cost me about $1400 AUD in 1999. Even then, with only about 2MP, the ability to immediately check my shots on the LCD, to get 92 pics on a "tiny" CF card - without having to cram my pockets with extra 36 frame cassettes of different ISO colour and mono films - and the ability to process and crop pictures on my computer, won me over to digital.--



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