Shooting in Varanasi with the X-Pro1

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thanks for the feedbacks

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the constructive feedback, much appreciated!

As for the man with the skull he is an Aghori Kapalik Baba, a kind of "holy man / priest" (baba notion is hard to translate). The Aghori Babas are members of an Hindu sect who do "strange" things like carrying human skulls, doing meditation sited on dead bodies, eating human flesh from bodies found in the Ganga river... They however are not what we would call "satanic", they use it as memento mori to remember our mortal condition...

Regarding the picture of this baba the focus is made on the skull, the guy is very soft because of the shalllow DOF.

Regarding the colors... Yes India is colorful but my choice of black & white was dictated by :

- personal preference

- poor lighting conditions due to cloudy but very bright skies, the light was not very "friendly"

It's a question of taste but I really prefer it like that...

Regarding the "stereotypical" aspect of my pics: fully agree with this comment, but it's also a question of choice: Varanasi is so timeless that it would not make sense to me to capture the "modern aspects" of the city. Uttar Pradesh is an emerging state in an emerging country, the modern aspects of it are not so evident... I have an other bunch of pics taken in a very remote village lost in the middle of Uttar Pradesh, there are not so different from what we see in the "big city" Varanasi.

And for the lack of women... Yes, and I regret it! The thing is that Indian women are more "photo shy" than men, and don't always appreciate to be taken in picture. I've stopped trying after seeing a few of them embarrassed by my requests...

Anyway thanks for the comments,


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