DF reaches the end of the line for me!

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DF reaches the end of the line for me!

Having had a DF about 4 weeks ago. I only had it a few days and decided to return it, mainly due to buyers remorse due to the cost, but mainly because I am a Zoom guy and have never really got to grips with primes.

I also felt the camera was difficult to grip and felt unbalanced as soon as you put anything like a heavy lens on it.

However after reading a very interesting blog from  InTheMist I reconsidered and bought an open box DF wich was £550 off the original price.

I went on holiday with the DF and 24-85 - 24mm D - 35mm D and Tamron 70-300

During my holiday I took 950 images in which the subjects were limited due to it being a Sun Sea and Sand winter break.

I deliberately only had the 24 and 35 with me when I went out for the day so I could try and adapt to primes.

The outcome was that I just couldn't get used to the primes, now I really wish I could but I have always been the sort of person who likes to compose tightly and therefore a zoom is more appropriate for me.

Consequently I started to use the 24-85 and if stayed on for the rest of the holiday, and it produced some very nice images, but it's not the sharpest lens particularly wide open and at the edges. So I thought I may need to get the 24-70 f2.8 or at least 16-35 f4 but both are fairly heavy.

However in my opinion if you are going to put heavier zooms on the DF then you should at least have an option for a battery grip to get a better balance. looking at most of the reviews coming out they point to this camera with primes as being the best option.

Maybe I should have perceviered  more with the primes but I really don't think they would work for me.

So I can return this camera as a part ex and loose £200 which I think is ok, I notice a couple have gone with 50mm lens on ebay for just £1700 and only with a couple of bids so I think this camera re-sell value won't be great.

I will post some images I took on holiday  with the 24-85 as the IQ was good in the centre and the Tamron performed very well for the price.

I guess for me the zooms negate the real reason for buying the DF, that said some people will be happy to slap on a heavy lens and just live with it.

I guess I should have know fast glass means weight in terms of zooms , it's as simple as that!

what the DF did do, is make me more considered about the shot, ie you have no option but to be more deliberate with the settings as the ISO, exp comp and shutter speed settings are not as slick to set as on mainstream DSLR's, but then again most people know that before they buy.

The DF gives you a trip down memory lane but for me there were just too many sacrifices, or you could say I was just being lazy not using my feet to compose!!!!!



Nikon Df
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