Is there something wrong in getting an inexpensive lens mount adapter?

Started Feb 18, 2014 | Questions thread
PenPix Senior Member • Posts: 3,261
No. But….

You roll the dice when you buy a cheap one.

I picked up a Polaroid branded one off Amazon and the fit on a few of my Nikon lenses are so tight that I couldn't turn the aperture ring.  If I tried using it as-is, I could see a potential for damaging my lenses.

Since shipping it back was more than half the price of what I paid for it, I decided to rebuild it to make it fit.  It's not bad now, but I'll probably shave a little more from the barrel to make it perfect.  Regardless there is no sloppiness in the fit (before and after my adjustments) and it seems reasonably centred.

I would buy one of the cheap ones recommended by other posters since they have had good success with them.

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