FE 16-35mm f4 UW zoom

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Re: FE 16-35mm f4 UW zoom

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As for OSS... I'm starting to think it's a little bit overrated. I use bursting a lot to achieve better shots. So, burst a lot. The A6000 does 11 fps bursting. That's very high. Combine that with software that lets you quickly lift out the sharp ones and discard the blurry ones, and bursting becomes your friend. OSS might screw up at time too, so, you'll reduce that. Although mind you, the in lens OSS might be a *lot* better than the IBIS of the SLTs which is where I'm coming from.

For some of us, OSS is a necessity. One thing I miss from my old E-M5 is the IBIS. I personally need as much stability as possible due to having idiopathic familial tremors, one reason that I still use the 28-70mm kit lens. I hope the 24-70mm Zeiss is a bit better, but the OSS is a big plus for me.

That's in-lens OSS, which is more of a sure thing. IBIS "super steady shot" or whatever the heck it's called, I found always kind of iffy. It's like it's there, but like it's not there also. I kind of maybe is doing something perhaps, kind of thing...

Have you actually used IBIS on any camera ? I don't recognise your description ! I find IBIS on my A900 to be very effective & a godsend in low light when I want to use low ISOs & low shutter speeds.

I think it is a feedback thing. Sony's IBIS is quite effective, but you didn't 'see' it doing anything as such, it just does it's thing and does it pretty well. I think this is one of the main reasons that a) everyone RAVES about Olympus 5-axis because they can now 'see' it working (their older system was more like the Sony's). b) why in the DSLR only days why people though OIS was more effective. c) why people think the Olympus 5-axis is better than the Panasonic implementation in the GX7.

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