ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

Hi Ed,

Yes, the ZS40 does have a removable battery, and I assume that like the ZS30 it is possible to switch off the GPS. I usually have the GPS switched off on my ZS30.

I don’t have an LX7, so I did a comparison image similar to the ones I’ve shown above, which hopefully could help you regarding the size question. (I compared the ZS30 and ZS40 above.)

The LX7 is 111 x 67 x 46 mm, and weighs 269g; the ZS40 is 111 x 64 x 35mm and weighs 240g. So, they are the same length, but the ZS40 is 3mm shorter in height and 11mm thinner (which is quite a bit) and somewhat lighter in weight.

This image when viewed at full size shows the ZS40 compared with the LX7 at actual sizes:

As you can see, the main bodies are not much different in thickness (the LX7 is about 2mm thicker) but the LX7 has a lens housing/ring which extends 20mm from the body (more with the cap). The housing/ring on the ZS40 extends only 10mm (and there is no cap). I think that would be the main factor affecting “pocketability” between the two models.


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