For those who thought the Df flopped...

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Re: For those who thought the Df flopped...

Shotcents wrote:

Rich Rosen wrote:

dread_tai wrote:

RodluvanII wrote:

ravduc wrote:

He would love to have one but he can't afford it,



i was thinking the same thing when i first read old is he? 9? 10? i keep hearing this same tired/infantile response from others as well regarding this camera, and it's lame. if that's the best defense, then better to not say anything at all, and at least appear as a "mature adult".

Add another agree to RodiuvantII remark, and I certainly agree with your take on ravduc's comment. I am beginning to understand the strong reactions to those who have anything to say about the Df that is not positive. "Those of us who choose not buy it are envious of those who can, because we can't afford it." They ignore, or pay lip service only to the possibility that the Df is not for everybody. They ignore or pay lip service to fallibilities of the Df. In reality, Shotcents, and ravduc and others need their buying decision to be positively reinforced. I guess they feel somewhat insecure about it, deep down. They take it personally, and they attack personally, those who don't agree with them. The whole point of this thread is to reinforce the decisions made by Df adapters. The thread isn't about its capabilities; it is simply about the fact that it is selling well in certain parts of the world. I guess that makes buyers happy to hear that.

My decision not to buy the camera has nothing to do with its capabilities. It does have to do with its value/performance. I don't feel it is worth its performance. Others do. Great. But don't tell me I am not buying it because I can't afford it. I and others are very capable of making decisions that do not include envy.

Rich, with all due respect, some of us ONLY buy based on capabilities and don't worry about value/performance.

I'm sorry, a few people here want to swear they can buy a Df, but if the value/performance outweighs it's actual "capabilities" then you won't.

So within the contest of your allowance, you cannot or will not afford the Df.

I'm keeping the Df because it DOES do something my D800 can't do. What value is there in the D4 if you don't need the very fast FPS?

This is the most polarizing DSLR camera from Nikon EVER. The reason is that one group has found it works for them. Sadly, the "opposing" group is tainted by people who ARE jealous, HAVEN'T used it or are just ignorant.

I'm not lumping you in with the 2nd group. You say the Df capabilities are of no use to you and that's reasonable. But I think you do know and can understand that the sensor has strengths and works well in the Df implementation. When the D800 came out there were a LOT of people less than thrilled with the output. WB, AF tuning, and getting the right stuff out of the sensor takes some effort. Do you notice how happy the Df owners are across the board?

That's because this is the best out of the box experience we've had. No AF tuning. No left AF issues. No oil spatter. Beautiful output right out of the camera. Top level low light ability. This is a FIRST for Nikon. I find it to be the highest quality DSLR yet.

If you and your sort won't allow Df owners to post positive threads about a camera they actually gave real experience with (and many of us own D800, D4 and D610 as well), you're always going to get kicked for it. It's just rotten behavior. But you just do what you want with no regard for anyone else.

I don't like the D610. So why don't I just explain why in EVERY D610 thread? I'm within my rights to do so. I'm just not "that guy."

Are you?



"Cannot" and "will not" can't be lumped into a "cannot afford" statement. Such a statement infers economic inability.  "Will not" is a matter of choice. The first can be demeaning or insulting, while the second can be a "badge of honor." I had no intention of commenting in this thread. The OP was reporting a fact, which I had read and wanted to see what others thought about it. But then ravduc made that stupid statement about the AF in the Df. The comment was elicited because he felt the poster was degrading the AF sensor in the Df. All RodiuvanII said was that a "better" AF system was available in the D4, if the curleyone wanted it. Thats a pretty neutral statement. But ravduc took it as an insult to the Df, He proceeded to condemn Rodiuvan as being unable to afford the Df. Where did that come from?  And when dread_tai pointed this classless stupidity out borg, ravduc and you jumped on him. He did not make any comment on the camera, either positively or negatively.

You say that the Df is one of the most polarizing cameras Nikon has ever made. I think you are right. You say that Df naysayers are ruining positive threads about the camera. Negative comments in this thread didn't attack the camera but did question the validity of what the Nikon executives were saying. Given the track record that Nikon has laid down over the last couple of years, with the D600, and D800; its warranty and customer service policies; wouldn't you question anything that Nikon has to say? This negativity is not limited to the Df, but is directed at the whole Nikon organization. Other things were said, or weren't said in that interview, by Nikon that didn't sit well with me at all. But that is for another thread. The fact is that this thread titled "for those who thought the Df flopped." gave Nikon skeptics a reason to vent. Perhaps some of the negativity directed at the Df, is because of the problems Nikon has created for itself in the last couple of years. But "you and others like you," take it personally. A little childish, don't you think?

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