Panny 25mm 1.4 vs Olympus 25mm 1.8 Reviewed

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Re: I could care less about the fundamentals of digital imaging...

peppermonkey wrote:

Dave Sanders wrote:

Lawrence22 wrote:

The PL25 gives more richness in color and better 3Ddimensionality is quite obvious.


...complete bunk. Honestly, to even say so shows that you misunderstand the fundamentals of digital imaging.

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Dave Sanders

because my eyes tells me (at least with the Robin Wong samples) that the Panny 1.4 does have a more 3D look to it's images. I'm uncertain about richness of colours but the differences in colour gradients is much more smoother in the Panny.

I'm saying that I doubt that you can see that in a compressed JPEG, shot in sRGB using natural picture mode and AWB displayed on a monitor of unknown calibration and colour gamut and be certain what you're seeing a difference in a lens. There are simply too many steps in the imaging chain. In such a workflow, colour gradients are the things that suffer the most. Being able to see such subtle things as 'depth' and 'colour gradients' seems unlikely while viewing a low-res, 8 bit sRGB JPEG. I've spent too much time working with RAW files on a calibrated wide-gamut monitor to believe that, sorry.

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Dave Sanders

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