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Re: NX1 Feature Request

viking79 wrote:

I realize it is too late for NX1 feature request, but here is what I want from NX1:

  • Mag alloy construction (every other top tier camera uses it)
  • New and improved sensor
  • Eye detect AF (focus on nearest eye) -> this is very handy, especially with large aperture lenses.
  • AF button (ability to turn off AF with shutter press, like all decent SLR cameras have)
  • OLED Viewfinder, large
  • Better on sensor PDAF/CAF
  • Allow manual focus at points other then center for non-AF lenses.
  • Put the USB port so it isn't in the handgrip (can use NX30 while charging via USB, but it is difficult to hold with USB/HDMI cable sticking out of grip)
  • Longer than 4 minute bulb exposure and disable of dark frame subtraction for bulb
  • Use timer delay for bracketing shots (avoids shake) or allow bracketing remote viewfinder app
  • Battery Grip
  • Faster buffer clearing
  • Larger buffer (at least twice as large as NX30)
  • 4k video (I don't care about this feature, but some will)

I was keeping a mental list, I am sure I will think of something else later.

Hi Eric,

Knowing you are a new NX30 owner, I am just curious as to what prompted your contemplation on the NX1.

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