For those who thought the Df flopped...

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Re: For those who thought the Df flopped...

Bingo Paul.

I think the DF isn't worth the price and isn't that amazing a camera design by a long shot. Given this year (so far) I've bought a Zeiss 135/2 Apo Sonnar, a Nikon 35/1.8G and a Nikon 18-35/G zoom, I think you could say I could afford one (a DF) if I wanted to. Thing is, it simply ain't worth it from where I stand, and given both my D610, and particularly so my D800E, produce better output in my hands at the ISO I shoot, it's kind of a no brainer...

Not saying the DF shouldn't exist - Nikon always has made some niche products, but it's clearly not this raging success some fanboys here think it is. I was damned lucky to score a D800E 2 months after introduction, but the same (pro) store has a stack of DF bodies sitting there today....


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