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Re: Around $1000 budget... Pana GX7 or OMD EM-10...

Mellowmark wrote:

Lumixdude wrote:

Unless you're shooting video, go with the Olympus... You can put a Panasonic lens on an olympus body but you can't put an Olympus lens on a Panasonic body as the Panasonic body has no IS. The clear decision then becomes how much you want to spend and whether you want a rangefinder style body or a DSLR style body.

You then have the option of a PEN, or OMD... The PENs are a little cheaper with not much compromise until you get to the OMD-EM1 which has phase detect auto focus. That means you can point your lens at a clear blue sky, or grey brick wall with no contrasty areas and still have your camera focus

I often use my Olympus 40-150 on my Panasonic G3 even though I have the 45-200 Panasonic lens (with IS) as the Olympus is a far better lens. In low light I use a tripod and in good light I just make sure the shutter speed is high enough (and often needs to be anyway for moving subjects).

IBIS is great to have but it's usefulness can be (and often is) exaggerated - it's most useful only in certain specific situations (mainly in low light with static subjects in order to keep the ISO down) - situations where I would usually use a tripod anyway. It's very useful in low light for static subjects, where tripods are not allowed (museums, some cathedrals and other interiors) but not many people will be doing that kind of thing as a significant part of their photography.

For shorter focal lengths (eg Olympus 45mm) I usually need to keep the shutter speed above 1/60 anyway to ensure sharp shots of moving subjects (eg bands/ singers at gigs) so even in low light IBIS would be of little or no use and in good light at f1.8 - f2.8 your shutter speed will be plenty high enough anyway. My Panasonic 20mm has no IS and that has very seldom been a problem and there are often workarounds for the rare occasions when it is.

Not sure why or when anyone would want a clear blue sky to be their focal point either?

See I can shoot below 1/25 with IBIS enabled and that really helps particularly late into the evening. As for clear blue skies.... When you're shooting landscapes you get a lot of that where CDAF focus is absolutely hopeless... focus in... focus out... focus in... focus out... nope... just plain old focus fail... This is where PDAF would make a huge different...

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