How do you keep track of your lens cap?

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Lost filters?

Nippero wrote:

Barry Stewart wrote:

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the ultimate solution: leave them in a bin at home. Meanwhile, I leave my lens hoods in the ready position, which protects the front element from accidental contact. One exception: my Bower Fisheye, which needs the cap for protection in the bag.

It works for me.

I do like the look of that Hoocap.

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I was about to write the same thing.

For lenses with small front elements, I almost always use no protection since they're quick and easy to clean anyway. For massive front elements (like my Sigma 50/1.4) or for the GM1 which goes in my pocket, I throw on a high quality protection filter.

I have seen this said before and fitting a filter is a good protection for a lens.  Some have said that "if I fit a filter I don't need a lens cap".  I have bought lenses that have been used extensively that way and they all seem to come with a very grimy and often scratched lens filter and no lens cap.  I am not suggesting that those who use a filter as the sole protection end up with duff filters but it is interesting to wonder out loud on whether a grimy scratched filter is doing full justice to the brilliant lens behind it.  Or does one simply unscrew the filter when the lens is used for a critical purpose (then lose the filter )

Of course even the very best lens cap is struggling to keep dust penetration beyond it whilst a screw in filter gives good protection in that regard.  But surface scratches and grime are inevitable on any exposed filter even though it is much more preferable to clean a filter than a lens surface.

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