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GX7, EM10 (and A6000)

PINOYE90 wrote:

Currently have 7 yrs old Nikon D40 with kit lense 18-135mm...
The past year... i dont want to use it because its bulky/big/heavy...

Now... I have a go signal from wife to get new smaller camera...

I am researching/comparing the 2 cameras... i am lost... its like choosing between blonde or brunette...

My observation based on reading this forum for 1 week... GX7 is better camera than EM10... However, i like the black color of the EM10 and it looks like EM10 is cheaper...

Is it better to get the camera with the kit lense? or its better to just get the buy the camera body and get the separate lense... What lense should i get??? I actually prefer the pancake style lense... because its not bulky...

I would use the camera for some family vacations and sometimes taking sport pics for my kids...

Please note... i am not expert in photography... My old DSLR is 98% always in Auto...

Hopefully... the new camera will make me intersted in learning about digital photography... ISO/Apperture/shutterspeed and all that stuff


Re the A6000....she may well be a nice Redhead....but she could also be a bald fat bloke in drag with a wig for all we know at the moment.....

I would simply have a close look at the specs and see what things you like.

I think (just as against the A6000), the GX7 is a higher level camera but with slightly older tech.

They all have things fore and against...

I love my GX7 (not as much as my Sony A7) but it is my second favourite camera ever.

things for ME in favour of the GX7

1/8000 vs 1/4000 shutter speed

tilting EVF

higher flash sync speed

ETC lossless 2.6x teleconverter in video

almost twice the resolution of the EVF

Does the EM10 have a silent shutter mode?? if not, add that as well.

against that..

Lower frames per second (if you don't count the 40fps at reduced size and exposure locked gimmick in the GX7)

number of focus points

video stabilizatrion (if the EM10 does that??)

I prefer the GX7 ...others will differ.

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