How do you keep track of your lens cap?

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Some comments on the lost lens cap

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Always in the same place. Any lens cap.

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Plus one.  I now find that lens caps are cheap and can be bought in bulk ex-China for much less than they used to be in retail camera stores of yore.  Despite this I have had a good run with lens caps over the last 30+ years and I don't really think I have ever lost one.  Straight into the pocket, left one is easier to remember for consistency

Much worse with jackets and shirts infrequently worn if the lens cap is not immediatley replaced at the end of a session. Left hand trouser pocket is far more reliable.

I went through the dangly lens cap on a string thing for a while and put up with the huge nuisance factor until I realised that I had never previously lost a lens cap and a dangling "attached" lens cap was something I could do without.  So I cut the string and re-used the pocket and have had no need to regret this.

Occasionally I have just put the lens cap down somewhere when removed - this is extremely dangerous, and has resulted in a few near-misses requiring a search.   For those that habitually lose lens caps I suggest that they buy 20 in bulk and then leave them about over some time as little treasures for someone else to find.

Ricoh pioneered an automatic push-aside lens cap that is now available for other brands  but only works for lenses that extend from the camera body.  This is a great idea if it is suitable.

The reason why I tend to buy lens caps in bulk is not that I lose them but I do buy quite a few legacy MF lenses and it is quite surprising how many come without a lens cap, some even have no caps at all when sold.

Harder are those little "dress" hot shoe protectors.  Too small to be safely pocketed and frequently needed to be "off" for a while if you are into things like external flash and  Clearviewer devices.  Right at the moment I have to carry a plastic zip lock sleeve just so that the shoe-protector when off is given some bulk and less likely to disappear.  Worse when off for a more extended period and "stored" "somewhere safe".   No place for being absent minded, in these cases we need a drilled routine to reliably follow consistently.

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