Any special news from CP+ ?

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Re: Indeed?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

Can't help thinking that's a short-sighted strategy. The days of the APS-C DSLR are numbered. The competition is moving on to the next step *now*. The 3rd party lens manufacturers are no longer taking Pentax seriously.

APS-C DSLR cameras consist of 90% of the DLSR market.

In the US perhaps. In Japan that number is 40%, the rest of Asia, 25% according to the head of Fuji. And those regions are nearly half the global market. [...]

Matt, was it "DSLRs are dying and MILCs are taking over", or "APS-C DSLRs are dying and FF DSLRs are taking over"? It wasn't clear from your post.

Yeah alex, I apparently misread Zvonimir's post. He wrote  APSC makes up 90% of the DSLR market, *not* "DSLRs make up 90% of the ILC market" (which is what I misread him as saying and is incidentally true in North America BTW).

Of course, neither are true.


Yet the MILCs lost ground last year (with a ratio of 1:4.28 vs. 1:3.99 in 2012). Amazing, don't you think?

Everyone lost ground, there was a sharp downturn in the entire market. Probably the first few years, mirrorless was a second system for many. In hard times, that's the first thing to go -- second system. Wait for 2014 with Fuji ramping up and Sony blasting away. I think we'll see mirrorless gaining significant ground.

I don't expect any significant change this year.

We'll see!


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