Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark ll printing light

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Roy Sletcher
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Re: Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark ll printing light

fgriffintx wrote:

I wish I had an answer, because I have the same problem! It is not extremely bright, but especially photos of faces have a "washed out" look on the paper, whereas they look OK on monitor. Inks are all full, spray pattern looks fine, etc. I wish there were a self-test on the printer that had a chart to compare results so as to determine if printer per se was acting up. I am going to calibrate my monitor and printer as a last-ditch attempt to identify the problem.

There are a lot of experts on this forum who I am sure will reply shortly, but you will have to give them something more to work with.

For example:

Operating system?

Ink and Paper you are using?

Are you printing a defined reference image, many of which are available on the internet?

Does the problem always manifest itself in the same way, or are there variations?

They may even have more specific questions.

Tedious I know, but as only you can VIEW the problem, a good description goes a long way.


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