Bait and switch

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Re: Bait and switch

gazis wrote:

A while ago I started this thread to solicit the opinions of the group, without revealing the identities of the retailer and the consumer.

It was very vague and didn't describe what happened in specific terms. So what happened? Did they give a reason (e.g. if payment declined - did you check with your card company if that actually happened)? Did they try to upsell you?

If you ordered from a 'special stock category', i.e. an individual used/refurbished item, or where stock levels are especially low, it could be just subject to the quality of the retailers inventory system, and how they transactionalize stock picking (collect at store orders are probably prone to this). For used especially, the inventory is probably inaccurate, and any individual item showing as at a particular store could have been pilfered by a member of staff.

Sometimes stuff happens, and even a good retailer will have some off transactions. So just exercise your judgement.

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