For those who thought the Df flopped...

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Re: For those who thought the Df flopped...

dread_tai wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

dread_tai wrote:

ravduc wrote:

I have done this already but you don't seem to understand. By endorsing other people's comments you are in fact agreeing with them. You need to cool down a bit. Go take a walk.

no, actually i'm cool as a cucumber, as they say. however, when i'm mentioned, referenced, or quoted, i'll likely reply. and if misquoted, most assuredly.

u were corrected, and my point made. when u attempt to mock my ONLINE writing style, then u're grasping at straws........which i don't mind, just reinforces my point.

as i said before, enjoy your camera, i enjoy all of mine and associated gear. but u won't find me telling someone they don't own something b/c they can't afford, nor will u find me questioning anyone's "intelligence" or lack thereof based on their ownership or not.


So a guy comes in and points out that Nikon says the Df is selling well.

And here come the bashers...

"Nikon is lying." and "The Df is a failure." and "Df has bad AF"

And here we go again. Then someone like you, who also doesn't own the Df, calls someone you don't know childish and immature. You're really only looking for a fight. You don't own the gear discussed and have not spent a reasonable amount of time with it, if ANY.

I can't understand why you think YOU are mature in doing that. Why exactly are you even in this thread? I'm not in the D7100 threads or the D610 threads or ANY threads where I have nothing to contribute through real experience and knowledge.

So this POSITIVE thread gets ambushed and you defend the ambush and then cry when someone takes you to the mat for it?

Yeah, that's very mature. You guys can sing all day about having money to buy this and that. I doubt it. People with money don't worry that much about value. They get what they want. They indulge without excuses and adding up features. There is some class warfare going on with the Df. It's a luxury product and a very good one. And that offends those who watch their wallets most of all.

Sour grapes, angry grapes, frustrated grapes...the anger is palpable and the reason is not the Df. These are the same types who sneer at a Porsche Boxter or a Rolex. Their are much better values in cars and watches to be sure.

I hate expensive watches (I own one, but I did not buy it!). But I'm not in the Rolex forums crying about my Cassio that does so much more than tell time.

That's why you get labeled. But the Df owners didn't start this. We're just enjoying the camera and posting about it. If you think it's okay to ambush every Df thread with repetitive negative nonsense, then enjoy. But be prepared for the kickback.


lil one......u don't want a row with me, trust.

the comments WERE childish and immature, and have nothing to do with the merits (or lack thereof) with the camera. i criticised the COMMENTS, and not the camera. that's where your pea-sized brain fails u. i don't have the camera, therefore don't comment on the merits of the camera. but i'm fully within my rights as a forum member to comment on what others say in a forum. IF i was looking for a "fight", i would have named u a LONG time ago.......u are a "loon", but u are not MY loon, but your family's and close associates'. i typically laugh at your posts, but RARELY actually comment on them. u, sir, are a PRIME example of immaturity on this site, and sans getting into the history of your "multiple personalities" here (and elsewhere), i tend to leave trolls alone. for every post of mine on this site, u have likeky a hundred.

"I" don't get labeled as ANYTHING, try as u might. if i were of the same maturity level as u, i'd likely begin this with "i know what i am, but what are u?" and proceed to check u at every instance. but i'm not, and so i won't.

i have an MD, and use photography as a creative outlet. i'm confident i likely "have a larger wallet et al" than u. unlike u, i have NO NEED to continually belabour whatever it is i do for a living. oddly enough, i doubt i could ever in any life, foresee myself bragging about being a "jewelry photographer", but hey, we all have to have our aspirations, right? but money, as i have been stating all along, is not the limiting factor for me, and likely not the case for many others. it has been U, who has criticised others and a supposed inability to afford this camera as their prime reason for not buying it.

as i said to the other gentleman, when u can post examples of where i have ever slighted your beloved trinket, please do share.........copy and paste to your lil heart's delight. but u can't, so u won't. the "anger" u call palpable is only trumped by the sheer annoyance and frustration at witnessing post after post after post, thread after thread after thread created by u, or some assumed monikor.

i tend not to make things personal on forums, certainly not gear-forums. so i'll let this be my last post directed towards u and NOT discussing gear. i would urge the same courtesy from u........i'm done.

And, ladies and gentlemen, this fellow is EXPOSED. It wasn't hard at all.

Your welcome!


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