Stylus 1: Fn2 and Info buttons when reviewing photos

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Stylus 1: Fn2 and Info buttons when reviewing photos

With the Stylus 1, I have been rather frustrated when reviewing photos and zooming in... because there did not seem to be a quick and easy way to immediately zoom all the way out again. Most cameras I've had, the OK button in the centre of the 4-way switch usually resets the zoom immediately.

Not so on the Stylus 1. It is possible to use the touchscreen, or use the zoom lever to back out... but I find both of those clunky and frankly, a bit smelly.

However... I just discovered that pressing the Fn2 button while reviewing a photo cycles through some jolly useful viewing modes:

  1. "Fit to screen" (ie. zoom all the way out, YAY!)
  2. Show a moveable selection rectangle, on the "fit to screen" view. The rectangle size is remembered - it matches the last zoom you used while viewing, and can be moved around using the 4-way or the touchscreen. The zoom lever resizes the rectangle.
  3. Zoom to the selection rectangle (the 4-way or the touchscreen then scrolls the zoomed-in photo).
  4. "Lock zoom"... L/R on the 4-way moves through your photos, staying zoomed by the same amount and centred on the same spot (I think) in the frame. Good for sequential bursts.

The Info button cycles through 2-4 too, AFTER you are zoomed in. But crucially, it skips #1.

At first glance, cycling through 4 options sounds clunky compared to the single "zoom all the way out" button I was lusting after. But in practice I am finding it actually works better:

Browse using "fit to screen" view. When I want to zoom in, press Fn2 to show the zoom rectangle... move rectangle to what I want to zoom to... Fn2 again to zoom in... when I'm done, Fn2 twice to zoom back out (or just once if I'm going to examine the same spot in a sequential burst of shots).

NB. the top control wheel behaves as normal thoughout - it moves back and forth through your photos, regardless of which of the above view modes you are in.

Now if only I could only choose which of the the Fn2 functions (1-4 above) were enabled (#4 seems redundant - the top control wheel can be used instead for the few times I want that, so I'd disable that step in the cycle). I don't see any way to configure it in the menus though :-/

Perhaps all this is old hat, and perhaps it is common on Olympus cameras. But it was news to me, so I thought I'd share. (I saw no mention of this in the manual... correct me if I'm wrong!)

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