Another LF1 comment

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Another LF1 comment

I thought I'd start my own thread-every user is different!

Out of the box, the camera seems very "fit" and well constructed. One seemingly insignificant detail stood out-the battery door doesn't have a spring and latches sort of "manually." This is a very practical (and unusual) bit of construction. On other devices, such as my Nikon DSLR, I'm always holding my breath about these sorts of doors breaking. Not so with the LF1.

I have large hands yet I find this camera very easy to hold. I think I'm doing more finger holding rather than wrapping my hand around it. It feels quite comfortable. I don't miss a grip at all.

Big surprise: I really wanted a VF and was ready for big disappointment. To my surprise, I find the EVF completely underrated. It is much better than the tunnel OVF's, and is brighter (as I remember) than the one in my 35S (which I no longer have). I always prefer it to the large LCD. I find the switching back and forth to be very easy, quick and intuitive-I don't feel the awkwardness that others have reported, and I would not (!) want an automatic switch. I don't "steal" shots, but I like to be discreet, and the camera is that-and the EVF and not having to have the back LCD on for review or settings is a big part of that, along with the size. It has a rubberized edge, but I don't need to "smash" my face or spectacles against it, and I often do need to do that with my DSLR. Strange.

More surprising yet is that I am very near sighted, and my spec's are a bit over corrected. Somehow, it works perfectly-I thought I'd have to remove my glasses or have some other work around-but again-it works.

Another positive surprise is that the camera does a good job-much better than my DSLR-at nailing exposures.

I find the level of noise to be well under what I was expecting, and those ISO's really are usable.

About that lens softness thing at the sides-well, with my own tests it is indeed really, really, really bad. Oddly enough, when I'm shooting real objects-even a row of books, for example, the effect is is much more subtle. I'll have to use the camera more in the real world, which I'll need to do quickly in case of a return.

I've made several references to my DSLR which could be construed as negative, but I love it and this camera, is of course, miles from that with it's good prime lenses and a decent zoom. But that's not what the LF1 is about and is not why I'm trying it.

Whether I keep it remains to be seen, but I'm positively impressed so far.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1
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