Bait and switch

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Re: Bait and switch

Hi all,

A while ago I started this thread to solicit the opinions of the group, without revealing the identities of the retailer and the consumer.

The title of the thread was chosen to mark a sales promotion strategy which is generally understood as borderline fraud and, in some countries, comes with legal sanctions. The underpinning of this strategy is that the consumer is placed in a state of raised expectations regarding acquiring an item as a result of retailer information which comes with no proof of evidence. When that information is called invalid by the retailer, the latter leverages the consumer's raised expectations to direct him or her to a higher price item for sale.

It is my opinion that, consumer feedback, particularly if shared among consumers, improves the service of retailers on the long run.

To this end, I should inform you all that, in the "Bait and switch" thread, the hypothetical retailer was actually Adorama and the hypothetical consumer was actually me.

For any of you who want to read for themselves the email transcript regarding this matter, you can find it at If you review it to the end, you will find also the response from the Adorama customer service supervisor, whose response to my question I am still waiting for. But then again I guess the statement "Please let me know if you have questions" does not mean that a response is due, right?

Cheers to all,


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