Fitting a DMW-FA1 Lens adapter to my LX7

Started Sep 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
OlManDan New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Fitting a DMW-FA1 Lens adapter to my LX7

I just now registered so that I could post/reply to your LX7 lens adapter and filter ideas.  You have been most informative, especially about simply buying a 37mm to 37mm adapter instead of the harder to find and more expensive FA1 device.  I also wondered if it would still allow the lens to fully close when powered off.  I have a bunch of 55mm filters that I'd like to reuse here, sounds like maybe all I'll need is a 37 to 55 adapter.  I'll even try putting that 37/55 adapter on the lens first, to see if the lens can fully retract when powered off, then maybe all I'd need is just that 37/55 adapter and the 55mm filter screwed in.  Another topic I read further up the list, was if or how much the longer/wider filters will cause shadowing in flash photos.  Good thought, will just have to try it and see.  It may only be an issue at wide angle shots.  I appreciate the great advice here.

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