my 5d ii suddenly died!

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my 5d ii suddenly died!

Hey all..

I need ur opinion about what happened to me

I bought my 5d ii 2 years ago
After using it by 2-3 months usb port stopped working .. and when I searched about this problem I found out that I have to replace all the board which will cost a lot ... so I decided to live with not-working-usb issue ..

And now .. after 2 years ... (in the middle of my trip to china) the camera suddenly stopped working ... I switch it on.. and its not responding ..
I removed CF card..lens.. grip.. batteries ... I fully charged the battery... and nothing happened at all.. still dead .. with no any responses ..

I sent it to canon service center here in Beijing yesterday
They called me today
And the first thing he said "the camera is not connecting to computer"
I replied "yes it was working fine for 2 years.. is it about the board now?"
He said "yes u need to change it.. and the shutter unit too"

I asked him to think about it and call him back ..
But I'm not sure guys if the reason is mainly from the board because the first thing he said "its not connecting to the computer" so he is just wants to change the board for that and he is trying to convince me that its not working because of it?
And what about the shutter unit? Is it necessary to cchange it?
I need to know what is the reason that made tge camera failed! And they don't speak English well!!
Any advice please? ??

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