My "old" D700 and my "new" D800E

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Re: My "old" D700 and my "new" D800E

A very interesting comparison.  First off, your photos are terrific.  You're very talented and skilled, and could probably get great shots with a compact P&S.

That said, I've been looking back and forth, A-B-A-B, and to my eyes, which I like to think are quite good, if the sets hadn't been labeled as to camera used I don't think I could tell which is which.  Put it another way, I think you're proving what a lot of pros and reviewers have said, that unless you print very large you're not going to see much if anything from the D800 that you wouldn't from a lower res camera.

I have a D800 and have wondered exactly this same thing.  I do think you're right, the results are nearly indistinguishable, at least on my large, high-res graphics quality monitor.  Since nearly all photos by now are viewed on a screen, I'm afraid many of us gearheads (and I'm a hopelessly addicted gearhead) are fooling ourselves that other people will notice this extra resolution.  I think it is more than almost anyone needs.

I thank you for your thread, because although this question of how much or little we've gained with our D800's is batted around endlessly, you put the goods on the table with excellent sets of real images to look at and compare.  That's a precious resource for the rest of us.  I applaud you for that, it's going to help a lot of people.

And for those of us, myself included, wondering about getting a Df, this is an incentive.  This year's version of the D700 is the df, and seeing how excellent your D700 images are, with less resolution, I'm even more tempted.

Best regards
Tom B

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