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Re: Around $1000 budget... Pana GX7 or OMD EM-10...

jeffharris wrote:

captura wrote:

jeffharris wrote:

You may want to add a longer lens like the $200 Panasonic 45-150mm. It's very good for the price, on par with the 14-42mm II, and would give you 90-300mm equivalent. It matches well with the kit zoom.

Got one, very poor compared to the NEX E-body's 55-210.

I'm not familiar with the Sony lens. The 45-150mm gets very good reviews and is much smaller, lighter and cheaper than the Sony. A stop faster, too! I've got one and while it's not on the same level as say the 35-100mm it's really quite good. It is a $200 (or less) budget lens and kind of a no-brainer recommendation for an avowed photography novice.

It's very cheaply made plastic with a plastic lens-mount. Urrrgggh! I have one.

Apparently not. The Panasonic 45-150mm has a metal mount. Mine certainly does. The build quality isn't too bad for a basic, inexpensive consumer level zoom lens.

Panasonic lenses are better built than Olympus but at slightly higher prices. I like my 14-45 for it's rendition but also for the OIS switch on the barrel. The 14-42II is a good lens but comes in 2 flavors. Plastic mount if it came as part of a kit. Or metal mount if separate purchase.

Maybe you're thinking of the Olympus 40-150mm, which I believe has a plastic mount.

I have it but it's outclassed by my E-mount 55-210.

Regardless, what's the point of obnoxiously evangelizing NEX on the M4/3 forum?

I'm sorry that you think so. Some of your members are very reactive and I always advocate a balanced approach.

I'd wager the majority of M4/3 users looked at a range of different systems and made intelligent decisions, weighing pros and cons of them all before selecting and buying into M4/3.

Nearly every buyer prefers to believe so, whether they read forums or not. My take is that M43 is potentially the best system for the non-pro, what with smaller lenses and portability. But greed has caused manufacturers to push for ever upwards into dizzying heights of price and technology that do not justify the limits imposed by the smallish quarter-sensor. To me, the best M43 camera is the E-PL5.

I know I considered NEX briefly, as I did the Nikon D7000… too damn big, even though I was a long time Nikon SLR user with a few F mount lenses… until I considered the available lens lineups of both the NEX and M4/3 systems. That was late 2010, BTW. M4/3 blew NEX out of the water as it does today. Sony's virtual abandonment of the E mount solidifies my choice and many others'.

I already listed about 10 new E-mount lenses, and added to that are new third party and FE E-mount lenses. Hardly abandonment!

Are you seriously suggesting that Sony would introduce 2 new fullframe and 2 new APS-C cameras just in the past few months and stop development of new E-mount lenses for them? That is not credible.

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