Panny 25mm 1.4 vs Olympus 25mm 1.8 Reviewed

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I actually like the Oly 25mm...

mh2000 wrote:

peppermonkey wrote:

Dave Sanders wrote:

Lawrence22 wrote:

The PL25 gives more richness in color and better 3Ddimensionality is quite obvious.


...complete bunk. Honestly, to even say so shows that you misunderstand the fundamentals of digital imaging.

because my eyes tells me (at least with the Robin Wong samples) that the Panny 1.4 does have a more 3D look to it's images. I'm uncertain about richness of colours but the differences in colour gradients is much more smoother in the Panny.

I could care less about the how or wide, I just see it when I see the photos.

Without more images to compare, I can't really say if they are that different but at least with the images shown by Robin Wong, that is what I see.

Back when I shot Canon bodies I shot both the EF 50/1.8 MKI and Leica Summicron-R 50. No one will try to tell you that the "nifty-fifty" is anywhere near the Leica in quailtity. I had a decent focusing screen, but still shot my EF 50 at least half the time. After shooting both and just looking at the photos taken by each that were a success, I came to realize that the subtle qualities of the Leica rarely made the difference between a truly good photo or not. Yes, some photos had that Leica look, but, it was always a secondary effect. Of course it helps that in real life you don't take duplicate photos to compare... but had the Summicron had consistently resulted in much better photos I would have just used it, but since it didn't, the lessor EF 50 being much lighter and having AF still had usefulness.

Both lenses are truly excellent lenses as far as I can tell. Well, Robin Wong can make the body cap lens look like a stellar lens...

Anyhow, both are great lenses and would definitely consider the Oly if I didn't already own the PL 25mm. Specially since it's so small, light and slightly cheaper. As I already have the Panny 20mm pancake I probably would lean towards the PL just for the IQ but if I didn't have the 20mm I can see myself picking the Oly over the PL just to save on space and weight.

All I am saying is that I can see how the lenses renders images differently (however slight that may be) and that I prefer the PL look. There will be those that prefer the Oly look. And a grand majority probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference of either. Actually, I would guess on the whole, more people will pick up on how the Oly seems to be more (clinically) sharper and therefore a better lens in their eyes. Besides, the Oly being smaller, lighter, cheaper and having market brand recognition over Panasonic, those alone pretty much already dictates that the Oly would sell way more than the Panasonic PL 25mm. Great job for them. Too bad it wasn't a pancake

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