NEW Fujifilm Camera!

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Re: NEW Fujifilm Camera!

Iceman1973 wrote:

Hi Graham,

That is a fine piece of kit you've got. Congratulations. I'm sure you will cherish great memories with the pics you take with it. I've not been a photographer for too long, I started with the digital medium, then moved to film. I could not stick to film consistently as it's a bit inconvenient. I do not develop myself, and do not have the time nor resources to do so. Therefore sending the film to lab for development, and getting it scanned.... it all adds up. But I love the look of film, the whole process of thinking through and timing the shot as every frame is important... it's wonderful and liberating.

I started with 35mm then tried 120mm on the cheap, ie a lubitel 166, then a bronica....

There are times of the year when I lock all my digital cameras away (this is when Grey Britain collides with a bit of great weather) and chersh some great moments of photography.

Enjoy your kit and I hope you share some results.

Best regards

Thanks Iceman.  Great pics you posted there.  Very fine.

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