G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

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Canon sells a GPS logger.

phazelag wrote:

phazelag wrote:

I have been thinking about this and its hard for me to visualize why a vari-angle might make it thicker

I think vari-angle makes the screen wider, not thicker. They need room for the hinge on the side, which needs to be beefy enough to take some abuse.

By moving the hinge to the top, they put it in a place where they had spare space anyway (so not making the overall dimensions of the camera increase).  And having 2 attach points instead of one means each can be smaller, of course.

Canon's engineers are not stupid (on the contrary!), but the marketing people often have different priorities than experienced users (at least this user).  I suspect marketing decided size (saving 2 or 3 mm on the width) was more important than keeping the vari-angle.  I disagree, but at least its' a rational reason. (And, not having tried vari-angle with a touchscreen, maybe that was an issue as well.)

On the other hand, sometimes marketing deliberately withholds features that could have been provided without increasing cost at all.  For example, there is no 60p video mode at all (not even at 720p or 640p).  Why?  Probably either to "protect" some higher-end model (DSLR maybe), or to leave room for a Mark III in the future - with hopes that customers will pay again to get that feature.

That sort of thing is terribly disappointing.

From my (very personal) POV, the G1X Mark II is very nearly the perfect "travel" camera.  They fixed the major problems of the Mark I (macro, built-in lens cover, AF speed, added the touchscreen), and vastly improved the lens.  And I think the modest pixel count is great (it will help with DR and sensitivity).

The disappointments (again, for me personally) are:

* No vari-angle (annoying, but I can probably live with it)

* No 60p video modes at all (not even at lower resolutions)

* No high-speed video modes (frame rates > 60 Hz)

* No GPS (or GPS via Bluetooth from smartphone) for automatic geo-tagging

* No optical viewfinder (I will only miss it a little, but it was occasionally useful)

Except for the last item, all of those _could_ have been included at little or no increase in cost or size. So to that extent, I'm disappointed.

Still, it's an excellent upgrade over my existing G12 (I couldn't say that about the Mark I due to the macro issue), so I'll probably get one.

Yes I agree. Thanks for answering about the hinge hinge. As far as GPS, I use eye-fi cards in all my camera and when using an android phone or tablet it will geotag your photos transferred to your device and then wheb I get home it will upload up to eyefi server and my othet backups like flickr automatically in private mode and I can then download those. Raw or jpegs or both in a zip file from eyefi already geotagged. And I have backups automatically on google drive, and Flickr. Without doing anything. It helps to have superfast internet at home for that part. I have fios and new fast router.

The GP-E2 can be used a standalone GPS logger and the file can then be synchornized with photos using the Map Utility.  Not exactly cheap, but a great solution if you have to have GPS data.  With one AA battery logging every 5 seconds you have a day of logging.  At every five minutes you get almost 4 days of logged GPS data.  Put it in your pocket and go.  No phone required.

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