G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

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Re: G1X Mark II - first time a tiltscreen model has underwater housing

Dave92F1 wrote:

You can't tell from the photos here on DPR, but the screen on the G1X Mark II is not the usual Canon "Vari-angle" - it's a new thing that only tilts up-and-down, not left-and-right.

What is with this? I think it's a huge downgrade from the vari-angle design, which let you nestle the camera tight against your belly for stability (like an old medium-format camera).

agree. it would have done better with one like on the EOS 70D ...

I always open the screen to the left, so I can see it with the camera braced against my body - it looks like that won't work anymore!

I'm a huge fan of vari-angle

ditto, me

I've had 4 or 5 cameras with it

i had several, too

. And I tried the Sony R1 years back and got rid of it because it had a similar up-and-down-only flip screen.

I still have the R1, it DOES TILT LEFT/RIGHT, but not back down by 45deg, maybe 2deg, so holding the body UPSIDE DOWN was the only way to use the screen overhead.

What is Canon thinking?

every now and then, Canon makes the G fixed screen so it can also make an underwater houssing for ocean/seadiving photographers.

the models with my favorited vari-angle swivel screen (VASS) however never get such housings.

but this is the first tilt-screen model from Canon (or anyone) that includes OEM undersea housing as an optional accessory. not sure if such a casing allows for anything but unflexed screen in its default face rear position. (cannot shoot low on seabed floor, upwards, like on dry land, cannot point downwards while swimming forwards in prone level position)

maybe, Canon will simply do the regular VASS version of the G1xMkII (IIv, v=VASS) next, albeit with EVF (evf hump on top) built-in (this would render tilt-up face forward impractical, and a fully variable VASS that flips open to the left most logical as before, which allows speedlite hotshoe usage simultaneously (no external evf needed). which is what I prefer. the absence of both a VASS and the long absence of a 24mm ff eq fov has been a big dealbreaker for me. if I get a model w/o VASS, my photographic shooting perspective options are always compromised with a narrower choice dictated by inflexibility of the VF (OVF or EVF) and limited flex of the screen especially.

maybe a modular VASS as a detachable remote, could be done oem, for those wanting greater flexibility. I'm not keen on getting a pricey non-ergonomic (no physical controls; I hate touchscreens) non-integrated smartphone or tablet pc (all are gripless, slippery to hold for shooting one handed) just so I can get VASS/remote functionality.

those who shoot only behind the camera, can settle without a VASS, and opt for just the tiltscreen or only a fixed screen.

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