G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

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Re: Engineers can't win.

Dave92F1 wrote:

I use a tripod 80% of the time when I'm using a DSLR. That's not what the compact is for. The compact is meant to be with me on days when I _wasn't_ planning mainly to take photos.

If you're using your compact for macro and/or product shots then a tripod certainly is for a compact and vice versa. If you're out strolling around then you don't need to worry about the macro ability of the G1 X minus the tripod or the 250D.

For me, photography is mostly a practical/technical thing, not an artistic thing.

For example - I sometimes go to auctions for used equipment. Viewing day is not the same day as the auction, so I take photos of the equipment I might be bidding on.  I need to focus close, and lighting is often poor, but a tripod is out of the question...the G12 has been great for that.  (A lot better than using my phone.)

The G1X (Mark I) wouldn't be good at that because of the close-focus limits (but the Mark II will).

250D close up lens.  Spend the $80 or so bucks and you'll have a G1 X with great close focus distance and you'll have your articulating screen to boot.  The great thing about the bayonet mount on the G1 X is you can have the 250D on the adapter already and when you need it snap it onto the lens, turn the camera on, take your picture.

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