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Re: I don't follow this

FYI theres no such thing as "phase contract". Phase detection and contrast detection are two totally separate things.


Mike Fewster wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

jrfmef wrote:

Can anyone direct me to a site where I can do the minute adjusting of the lenses? I find some articles that show you where to go in the menu of the E-M1, but after that they don't list anything and I really don't want to try guessing.

Any help is appreciated.



Obviously, if it is in the menu, it's there. But from my understanding of micro adjustment of auto focus, I wouldn't have thought it possible or necessary on any mirror less camera. Could someone explain this to me please??

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Mike Fewster
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It's for phase contrast AF control, as that method is rather inaccurate.

Regards.... Guy

Yes, I know micro af adjustment is for phase contrast. Phase contrast is very accurate, but it needs calibration for actual individual cameras with actual individual lenses I knpw how mf af adjustment is done on a dslr. What I want to know is how micro focus adjustment works with phase contrast on a mirrorless camera.--

Mike Fewster
Adelaide Australia

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