Nikon Df Review Bombs...Kinda

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Re: The thing about the Df is

Iliah Borg wrote:

LOL of course if a DSLR is larger it is also heavier compared to smaller ones

Depends on the materials used and battery.

LOL again you are just being silly. Sure hypothetically Nikon could make a DSLR that was smaller than a D4 but heavier but I am talking what exists in the real world not what is hypothetically possible.  Further we are discussing the D4 and the Df and as I said pretty much everyone on here knows the D4 is heavier so there was no reason to explicitly stat it when talking about the D4's larger size.  Besides my whole point was that it was less convenient and less easy to carry a D4 than it is a Df so you asking me if had had ever carried two D4s around as if trying to rebut the exact opposite opinion to the one I stated is still puzzling.

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