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Re: EVF and Battery Drain

21st Hermit wrote:

Aberaeron wrote:

panoptic wrote:

"As a test I was able to record a 2:19 H:M continuous video with the FZ47, it was 19GB. The limit was the battery. I would expect the ZS40 to do half that, more than enough. Had an EVF T-Z been available then, I would not own the FZ47."

Using the EVF should extend battery life considerably--less power draw than the screen. Will be interesting to see how much.
Larry Burt

I wouldn't bank on that. The information I recall is that the EVF uses more energy than the LCD screen.

While doing a Google search (many posts with the question, no answers) I could neither confirm or deny your assertion, some things to consider:

  • An EVF will consume significantly more power than an OVF, because both the sensor and the display must be on to work. In an OVF nothing is on until the shutter is pressed.
  • In live view mode, an OVF camera would have to turn on both the sensor and display
  • The LCD having a larger area to illuminate than an EVF would seem to draw more power, in either case the sensor is on

Please post if you can find THE answer.

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An OVF always has parallax problems, and is totally unsuited to long, & even moderate zooms.

I never find battery life to be a problem using my LCD/Clearviewer combination for nice eye-level and glare free viewing, even when travelling.

I usually carry a spare battery in my hip ocket and rarely use it, but I do turn the camera off when it doesn't look like I'll be using it for a while.

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