35mm Slide copying??

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Re: 35mm Slide copying??

I take it your problem is that the device gives you images that are too big for the sensor ?

A good approach is to use a macro lens that can focus to about 1/3 life size, with either an "Xtend-a-slide" or a "Shot Copy" to hold the slide.

Olympus always made very good macro lenses, and they probably still do. I use an Olympus 80mm macro lens for copying onto APS-C.

Do not use a zoom lens if you care about image quality.

16 Megapixels seems to be enough for most colour slides, but perhaps more would be ideal for the sharpest Kodachromes. Set the camera to ISO 100, to get the best quality. If the camera has built in HDR it is worth trying, as it can improve shadow detail considerably.

Typical result :

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