G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

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Re: Engineers can't win.

Dave92F1 wrote:

howardroark wrote:

It's possible I suppose. Do you really think the bigwigs chose that screen design? Do you think it is likely cheaper or easier to manufacture or allows for a higher profit margin?

I think it saved 2 or 3 mm on the width of the camera (vs. vari-angle); see my other post about that. I don't agree with their priorities, but at least it's a rational reason.

You mean the height?  The width is almost exactly the same.  The height is about 5.5mm, which is nothing to sneeze at.  And maybe this strategy takes some thickness off of the body but the overall thickness with the lens is about the same.

When I shoot I brace my arms against my body and not the camera. Of course that still allows for a pretty long moment arm that will magnify any shake, but if that's really a problem then buy the EVF.

Ah, but the EVF can't be used as flexibly as the vari-angle, and it makes the camera a lot larger, which defeats the whole purpose of the thing. I have a 60D DSLR that I could drag around if I wanted to...this is a compact, I want it small.

So it HAS to be the articulating LCD on every camera Canon makes.  Got it.  The EVF can be taken off for storage, but I know what you mean.  You want it all, but you're not going to get it.  The G1 X was great, but the G1 X II is better in many ways even minus the OVF and articulating screen.  I'll take the lens and AF improvements over the articulating LCD any day of the week.

If that's not an option why not get an SLR for the ergonomics and viewfinder.

I have one. But a compact fills a different niche - I don't carry around a 60D, lenses, and a tripod every day.

No, there are many, many people (like myself and retired parents) that get great pictures at arm's length. The only time you really have to worry about camera shake is when using longer exposure times. Otherwise, if you're shooting at 1/125 of a second you'd have to have some pretty unsteady hands to see a lot of camera shake, and in bright light at 1/500 you'd probably have to be swinging the camera around your head to get a lot of blur.

Bracing against the body lets you use significantly lower shutters speeds. OIS and high ISO help of course, but there's no such thing as "enough" - there are always situations where you don't have as much light as you'd like (I never use flash, BTW; I hate the look of it.)

Yes, as does bracing your arms on your body or on a stable object or breathing regulation or shooting on the off-beat of your heart.

Yes, I'm well aware of that, but thanks for the patronizing comment anyway. (I say that with love, I do!)

I was just saying that you should move on with your life and buy one of the many, many cameras out there that would fit your needs. If not, the G1 X is still for sale. Or you can buy the EVF. Or you can complain here and expect nothing in the world to change because Canon doesn't read these comments. Honestly, I'd suggest you write directly to Canon to let your voice be heard....really, that's probably the surest bet they'll pay some attention, and if you get a lot of other people to write then you keep increasing your odds.

I post here for the same reason (I suppose) you do - for entertainment and to get other people's thoughts in response. I do also hope that if I point out something and a lot of people agree, mfr's will notice and consider it. I think they do check in once in a while and read what people think (I would have somebody doing that if I were them).

Nope, Canon doesn't care about this forum and you're wasting your breath if you think they do.  They probably have plenty of work dealing with customer service emails etc. that indicate someone actually does care about something.  Blabbering here is therapy and entertainment, not genuine concern or interest.

I will probably buy one of these things - my "travel" camera is still a G12 because that's the last compact Canon made with the Vari-angle (except for the G1X which I didn't buy because of the macro limitation - I take lots of product shots up close).

With the 250D close up lens and a tripod the G1 X would be perfect for you. Don't like to use tripods?

I use a tripod 80% of the time when I'm using a DSLR. That's not what the compact is for. The compact is meant to be with me on days when I _wasn't_ planning mainly to take photos.

If you're using your compact for macro and/or product shots then a tripod certainly is for a compact and vice versa.  If you're out strolling around then you don't need to worry about the macro ability of the G1 X minus the tripod or the 250D.

[BTW, and off-topic; how are you getting along with Dominique Francon these days?]

I've found someone much more emotionally stable than her, thank the fates.

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