Please post your A7/r settings here

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Re: Please post your A7/r settings here

radissimo wrote:

Hi, I just got my A7 and wondering what are the most useful setting you guys can recommend to change out of the box. I listed my preference, let me know what you think

Radissimo settings- e.g.what I changed:

( listed from beginning to end, or from left to right)

1) image quality Fine-> extraFine

Raw + jpg. If you use jpg, you should drop sharpness and noise correction a bit.

2) Focus Mode-> DMF (shows peaking always ON)

I like this setting too.

3) Focus area ->center spot

It's useful, but the others have their use.

4) AF illuminator --> Off (?more quicker focusing,less annoying)

On. Does it always come on? I think it only comes on when it needs it.

5) ISO--> Auto ISO (min:100 max:6400)

Never auto, I put ISO settings on the dial.

6) DRO/HDR--> Off (prefer to be done in PP)

DRO on this camera works well. Don't confuse DRO with HDR.

7) Focus Magnif. time--> No limit


8) Peaking level --> High ( on my Nex-6 I had Low)

For wide angle, yes. For Telephoto, high.

9)Phase Detect Area--> On (helps me to stay without that area for faster focusing + reminds me a viewfinder of old SLR

? Not sure what you mean.

10) release w/o lens --> Enable


11) e-front curtain shutter--> ON (A7 only, needs more research if not damaging the picture quality as some posters noticed)


12) APS-C size capture--> Off (as I am using my 35mm f1.8 OSS lens with acceptable vignetting)

13) Dial Wheel --> Lock (as too easy to change ISO)

Why worry about it changing ISO if you have auto ISO on?

14) Display Rotation--> Auto


15) Mode dial guide--> On (not need to look on the dial only)

Outstanding questions:

A) what is your Creative style preference (Std/Vivid? Contrast /Sat/sharpness?)

B) AF micro adjustment (cogwheel, menu 5)??

C) Lens Comp--?? all AUTO




A) I use std because I use RAW. You can apply that later in Lightroom.

B) No need to keep this on a handy button. Once you've compensated a lens, you don't need it.

C) Off - do it in post processing

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