ACC Fails

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ACC Fails


The Claim: 50 million climate refugees will be produced by climate change by the year 2010. Especially hard hit will be river delta areas, and low lying islands in the Caribbean and Pacific. The UN 62nd General assembly in July 2008 said: …it had been estimated that there would be between 50 million and 200 million environmental migrants by 2010.

The Test: Did population go down in these areas during that period, indicating climate refugees were on the move? The answer, no.

The Proof: Population actually gained in some Caribbean Island for which 2010 census figures were available. Then when challenged on these figures, the UN tried to hide the original claim from view. See: The UN “disappears” 50 million climate refugees, then botches the disappearing attempt

The Change in claim: Now it is claimed that it will be 10 years into the future, and there will be 50 million refugees by the year 2020.

Climate refugees evaporate?


So much for "rising sea levels"..

"Even the BBC know the islands, Tuvalu, etc are not sinking.

BBC: Low-lying Pacific islands ‘growing not sinking’
New geological study has shown that many low-lying Pacific islands are growing, not sinking."

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