For those who thought the Df flopped...

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Re: For those who thought the Df flopped...

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He would love to have one but he can't afford it,



i was thinking the same thing when i first read old is he? 9? 10? i keep hearing this same tired/infantile response from others as well regarding this camera, and it's lame. if that's the best defense, then better to not say anything at all, and at least appear as a "mature adult".


We're in the Nikon FX forum, ffs. We all own pretty expensive cameras. Duh.

So I agree that it's sour grapes. They like the Df and want it for 2K or less. They can't have it so they're mad. It shows. And that's that.


This is an over-simplification, as I'm sure you're aware.

One can be critical of the price of a product based from a value perspective. This doesn't mean they're bitching about it because they can't afford it; it means they don't perceive it as a good value for them for the price that is being asked.

I own the 70-200 f/2.8 VR, and never once have I complained about the fact that it cost $2,000+. For me, the lens delivers a value commensurate with the price, and one can understand - when looking at the amount of glass used, the quality of the materials, and so on - why it might cost that much.

But the new 58mm f/1.4 at $1,700? Not so much.

Can I afford the newer lens? Well, if I can afford $2,000+ for the 70-200, I can probably afford $1,700 for the 58mm f/1.4. That doesn't mean I feel it delivers good value for me, and it doesn't mean it's all just "sour grapes" when I consider the price in evaluating the value of the lens.

That said, I'm glad you're enjoying your new camera, Robert. Me, I love my (spot-free) d600...

robert is in my humble opnion the most vile offender.

"sour grapes" is more akin to wanting something, but not being able to have it. that's not a choice.

i doubt seroiusly anyone who doesn't own a Df doesn't own b/c he/she can't afford it. as u stated, it's more of an informed and intelligent decision to purchase or NOT to purchase. i find the analogy with the aforementioned lenses to be a great example, as i too LOVE the 70-200, however i cannot convice myself purchasing the 58mm makes sense to me. can i afford it? of course. i can also afford a hassy, if that's something i wanted. however i choose not to buy it b/c it's simply not for me, not at this point anyway. sour grapes tho? i doubt it.

all this talk of "groundswell" has me amused. it's a camera, not the "legalise pot movement", nor "reform the tax code". cute, quaint quips, but odd nevertheless how much some are deeply into their gear, to personalise it so. the more it's done, the more it sounds like u're trying to convince yourself.

if u own it, enjoy it. if u don't own it, then allow others to enjoy theirs. but save all the condescending, coming from mountain-top-high rhetoric; cease with the ascribing why someone doesn't own a Df, or at least not the simplistic "can't afford it" diatribe. u either want it, or u don't.

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