How do you keep track of your lens cap?

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Re: How do you keep track of your lens cap?

crypie wrote:

I have had my GM-1 for a little over a week and am very happy so far. I don't know if I have anything to contribute outside of the many reviews but one question I have and have not seen much talk about is how you keep track of your lens cap? They are so small and I have already had a couple of times where I had to keep looking around to find mine.

I know there are lots of lens cap systems out there so I'm curious what folks have decided to use for the smaller cameras like the GM-1.


When I took up photography, at the back edge of the stone age, I stopped buying T-shirts that didnt have a pocket.  I also gave up sport shirts/dress shirts and jackets that didn't have a functional breast pocket. (some jackets have what looks like a pocket but isnt).

Lens cap goes in pocket, period!

In winter, all my winter coats MUST have a handy pocket, or I wont buy them.

This isnt really a problem if you THINK about it, take the time and trouble to put the lens cap away, EVERY time, even if its for only ONE shot.

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