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Re: Around $1000 budget... Pana GX7 or OMD EM-10...

captura wrote:

jeffharris wrote:

You may want to add a longer lens like the $200 Panasonic 45-150mm. It's very good for the price, on par with the 14-42mm II, and would give you 90-300mm equivalent. It matches well with the kit zoom.

Got one, very poor compared to the NEX E-body's 55-210.

I'm not familiar with the Sony lens. The 45-150mm gets very good reviews and is much smaller, lighter and cheaper than the Sony. A stop faster, too! I've got one and while it's not on the same level as say the 35-100mm it's really quite good. It is a $200 (or less) budget lens and kind of a no-brainer recommendation for an avowed photography novice.

It's very cheaply made plastic with a plastic lens-mount. Urrrgggh! I have one.

Apparently not. The Panasonic 45-150mm has a metal mount. Mine certainly does. The build quality isn't too bad for a basic, inexpensive consumer level zoom lens.

Maybe you're thinking of the Olympus 40-150mm, which I believe has a plastic mount.

Regardless, what's the point of obnoxiously evangelizing NEX on the M4/3 forum?

I'd wager the majority of M4/3 users looked at a range of different systems and made intelligent decisions, weighing pros and cons of them all before selecting and buying into M4/3. I know I considered NEX briefly, as I did the Nikon D7000… too damn big, even though I was a long time Nikon SLR user with a few F mount lenses… until I considered the available lens lineups of both the NEX and M4/3 systems. That was late 2010, BTW. M4/3 blew NEX out of the water as it does today. Sony's virtual abandonment of the E mount solidifies my choice and many others'.

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