FE 16-35mm f4 UW zoom

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10-18mm e mount

seachicken2000 wrote:

I'd never thought of it like that... this would be an amazingly useful lens for me on an A7r.

In APS-C crop mode, it's a 24-52.5mm f/4 standard zoom, and since it's a FF lens it should be consistently sharp across the frame. 15.5 M pixels will do just fine for a travel zoom, which is what it would be for me.

Flip the camera into full frame mode, and it's an ultrawide zoom lens, and here I'd want to use the full resolution of the sensor.

You may as well shoot at 36mp all the time and then just crop afterwards to give you more choice later, although as a compositional tool, this picture taking method works - just like digital zoom on compact cameras.

However, a real advantage of the way you are thinking is how I am using the e mount 10-18mm at the moment.

I have the Nikon G 18-35 with Novoflex for Tripod work, FF 36mp

I have the 10-18 with OSS for light, OSS equiped walkaround for 15-27mm at 15mp when I don't need the resolution. Save me cropping off the vingetting back at the ranch.  When I pick up the A6000, I'll keep the 10-18 on the A6000 for 24mp walkaround and the 24-70 on the A7r.


the 10-18 is a very usable 13-16mm Ultra Wide angle at 36mp full frame with very good IQ at 14mm.

If you want to be really perfectionist about IQ, you can always shoot in FF mode and crop the extreme corners off to end up with a 28-30mp image, the lens at 14mm will give you a Field of view of 15-16mm and be pretty much on par with Canon's 16-35ii in the corners

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