ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Ianperegian wrote:

I suppose though they were the ones that are important to me (the way GPS is to you) and that includes AVCHD movies. Although Canon has upgraded to 60fps it is only MP4 which IMHO is an inferior compression codec to AVCHD and also MP4 gives larger files.

I've had first hand experience with Panasonic video, purchased a FZ47 couple of years ago, with video being a major draw. While both Sony and Canon belong to the AVCHD SIG and are founders along with Panasonic of AVCHD, only Panasonic makes use of the formats 30+ min record time in their P&S cameras. Canon only uses AVCHD in camcorders.

As a test I was able to record a 2:19 H:M continuous video with the FZ47, it was 19GB. The limit was the battery. I would expect the ZS40 to do half that, more than enough. Had an EVF T-Z been available then, I would not own the FZ47.

Compared the FZ47 AVCHD video on the Camera Labs review to the then current Canon SX2x0, the FZ47 had noticeably fewer defects. Besides, own a Canon A710, set in on a tripod with fresh batteries and a big SD card to record my destroying a beaver pond with a backhoe. It stopped after 9-min, no idea why. VERY disappointed.

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