Fuji vs Sony vs Sigma

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Fuji vs Sony vs Sigma

More specifically the X-E1 vs the NEX 5n vs NEX 7 vs Sigma DP3m. Just been having a play comparing these cameras with a 50 on the 3 interchangeables to give a very similar FOV to the DP3m. Nothing too scientific but here are 100% crops from all 4 - view original size to see in all their boring glory.

Fuji X-E1

Sony NEX 5n

Sony NEX 7

Sigma DP3m

The same 50 was used for all 3 ILMs. All shot at f8 for max. sharpness and DOF before diffraction takes effect about f11. All cameras manually focussed with magnified view.

Some personal notes

1. The lack off AA filter seems to make bugger all difference in the Fuji's favour. The 5n with 16MP is resolving the same as far as I can see.

2. 24MP gives you a bit more resolution, quelle surprise

3. The Sigma shows its strengths and weaknesses. Excellent resolution but frankly poor colour in anything but good light. If my Camelia really looked like that I'd be very worried.

4. I keep forgetting how ludicrously small the 5n is, even with the optional EVF attached. Even the 7 is smaller than the X-E1 and both Sony's manage to incorporate an articulating LCD.

5. Sigma have some odd ideas about camera design, the DP3m needs some form of grip area, and that new quattro thing looks as though you can't hold it very well - this might not hold up in practise.

6. Still not entirely happy with the Sony interface/ergonomics - my reason for giving the Fuji a spin.

7. All are well built - despite some odd remarks I've seen on here about NEX build quality. They're just as well built as the X-E1 as far as I'm concerned.

If you have any questions or requests for more interesting comparisons between any of these 4 let me know and I'll try to oblige - be aware that there are no leaves on the trees for another couple of months so landscape comparisons are going to be limited


Fujifilm X-E1 Sigma DP3 Merrill Sony Alpha NEX-7
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