FE 16-35mm f4 UW zoom

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Re: FE 16-35mm f4 UW zoom

Richt2000 wrote:

Donny out of Element here wrote:

is rumored to be announced in a month or so. I was wondering if I can start using FE lenses on APS-C body (A6000), so that in future (when I go FF) I will have FF lenses ready to go.

I was wondering to use that 16-35 f4 as my main zoom actually, since it will be 24-70mm (in APS-C) on my A6000 - which is the focal range I use most often (mostly 24-35mm in APS-C).

So my question is how big this zoom may be or how small? I was hoping for OSS, but it won't have it probably? Do I need it on that FL anyway? I also hope this time Zeiss will make sharp zoom across the frame, not like 24-70, where 24-28 range is soft on edges and corners.

16-35 in FF would have an equivalent Field of view of 24-52.5, not 70mm
An F4 of this nature will be roughly the same size as Canon's 17-40 L or Nikon's 18-35G 3.5-4.5

Unless they can perform some magic or compromise on IQ

But yes, you are right, hopefully it will become a high quality mid-range zoom for APS nex cameras too

Oh-oh. I was hoping it would be smaller Those lenses are kinda huge for A7/R IMHO.

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