FE 16-35mm f4 UW zoom

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Re: FE 16-35mm f4 UW zoom

Donny out of Element here wrote:

is rumored to be announced in a month or so. I was wondering if I can start using FE lenses on APS-C body (A6000), so that in future (when I go FF) I will have FF lenses ready to go.

I was wondering to use that 16-35 f4 as my main zoom actually, since it will be 24-70mm (in APS-C) on my A6000 - which is the focal range I use most often (mostly 24-35mm in APS-C).

I don't that this translation is correct. I have multiple full frame lenses, Minoltas, that I'm using on my A57 APS-C "crop" camera. The way I see it, is that full frame gives you a rim around an APS-C shot. But a full frame lens at 28mm, say, is going to provide the same result as a 28mm from the crop kit lens. I don't know about this new lens that's coming up, but if it's a full frame 16-35 that's a pretty darn wide angle lens on a FF camera. But it'd only be half a kit on a crop camera. That 35 remains 35, and it does not magically double or anything else like that.

However though. It might be a *really* sharp lens, which means, lots of cropping power! And on a 24mp sensor like the A6000, it means being able stretch things quite a bit.

So my question is how big this zoom may be or how small? I was hoping for OSS, but it won't have it probably? Do I need it on that FL anyway? I also hope this time Zeiss will make sharp zoom across the frame, not like 24-70, where 24-28 range is soft on edges and corners.

As for OSS... I'm starting to think it's a little bit overrated. I use bursting a lot to achieve better shots. So, burst a lot. The A6000 does 11 fps bursting. That's very high. Combine that with software that lets you quickly lift out the sharp ones and discard the blurry ones, and bursting becomes your friend. OSS might screw up at time too, so, you'll reduce that. Although mind you, the in lens OSS might be a *lot* better than the IBIS of the SLTs which is where I'm coming from.

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