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Re: Indeed?

KL Matt wrote:

Market share is not always the same as market share.

I understood the rest of what you said even though I don't agree. I can detect no meaning in this sentence: it appears to be utter nonsense.

At the risk of appearing to accept the (IMO) rude comment above (I'm sure you didn't mean to be), I'll explain: I may have translated a German turn of phrase that was in my head poorly.

I said "it appears to be ..." (which is true) to avoid rudeness.  Saying "it is ..." would be rude.  I'm sorry if the distinction passed you by.

Markets can include both high-end buyers and low-end buyers. It is possible to only have access to one or the other or both. That's Pentax's problem: they have a certain market share, but their existing customers are low-to-mid-level hobbyists. They don't have access to the high-end-gear buyers despite having "market share." That's why the 3rd party manufactuers are not putting out their high-end gear in K-mount.

That's pretty well what you said before.  I understand the principle but don't believe it necessarily applies to Pentax and FF.  That's just something we have to disagree on.

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