1.4 / 58 hast just been tested on Lenstip

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These forums are losing value. They're filled with envious onlookers who resent working professionals. The 58 is a tool. If you need a tool for your job, you get it, you use it. If it's unsatisfactory, you dispose of it, and get something that does the job. It's really as simple as that.

I'm a big analogy person.

I used to work as a service writer at a car dealership. Most of the good mechanics bought "snap on" tools. They are very expensive but there is a reason these guys buy them. Of course amateur mechanics buy something like craftsman tools for 15% of the cost and say these same type "that snap on 14mm wrench doesn't do anything that couldn't be done with any 14mm wrench" while not understanding the real differences. You can measure both in a lab and they seem the same. Actually you might find the cheaper tools are closer to some "exact spec" but that doesn't make them better.

I personally am not interested in buying the 58 and do feel the price is too high. But if next year Nikon has lets say a $300 rebate on it, I would be tempted. The images it produces are lovely, I can't say the same for the 50mm f1.8G or the 50mm f1.4G, both of which I have used.

There is also no good reason for its price. It doesn't contain a lot of glass, and while aspherical elements are more expensive than regular elements to manufacture, 2 small aspherical elements do not cost $1200 per lens. Nor is the build quality of a higher level.

Yes this is the problem for me, not that its just another plastic G lens w nice bokeh. 1700.00 for this level of build quality ?  I paid that price for the 35G when it was released and wasn't thrilled either. I mean honestly what does it cost to make this ? Sigma kind of drove this point home with the 35 art at 899.00 which is a better lens than the 35G and you know Sigma is obviously making profit . 1700.00 give me a break !

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