Any special news from CP+ ?

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Re: Indeed?

KL Matt wrote:

The only thing to affect the 3rd parties is high sales, wherever they come from.

Not true. I'm seriously doubting that people shooting a Nikon D3300 or Canon T-whatever are going right out and slapping a Sigma 500mm f/4.5 on that baby.

There are roughly four each of Canon and Nikon buyers for every Pentax buyer.  Some of them, it's true, have FF bodies.  But a lot of people use crop bodies for longer range whatever the make of their bodies.

What we're seeing with the 3rd party manufacturers abandoning K-mount RE their higher-end glass is the recognition that the K-mount as a system has lost its top-tier buyers as a result of failing to offer a top-tier body for over a decade. mount, and they're start making it available.

Would you like to predict how many additional units of each 3rd party lens in K-mount would render it economically viable for the makers?  Would you like to predict the number of Pentax owners who would want to buy such lenses if available? And how many more would do so if Pentax sold an FF body?  Unless you can reliably do so you are merely guessing about the possible effect of such a body.

Market share is not always the same as market share.

I understood the rest of what you said even though I don't agree.  I can detect no meaning in this sentence: it appears to be utter nonsense.

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