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Re: Around $1000 budget... Pana GX7 or OMD EM-10... (or reconditioned EM-5)

I didn't see any location information, but if you live in the USA, Olympus America currently has some reconditioned E-M5's with the 12-50mm lens for sale for $880 + tax/shipping.  If you can act today (2/18/2014), there is a 20% off sale on reconditioned cameras using the code PRESIDENT.  That would mean a price of $704 + tax/shipping.  The EM-5 and 12-50mm lens are weather sealed, so you would be able to use the camera lens if rain should come up, and on amusement park splash rides.

Note, a reconditioned camera is typically a returned camera that is inspected and then resold with a smaller warranty (90 days instead of 2 years).  If the warranty is important to you, you can get the Olympus extended warranty for about $100.

You could use your additional budget to pick up the 40-150mm lens to give you the zoom range you want (there are reconditioned 40-150mm lenses as well).  Note, the 40-150mm lens is NOT weather sealed, but your main lens would be.

Neither the 12-50mm nor the 40-150mm are small lenses (about 3.5" in length), so you would need to be comfortable with that size.

If you prefer new cameras, the EM-10 with the kit lens is fairly small and you could add the 40-150mm lens when you need the length should be in your budget range.  The EM-10 is not weather sealed.

In terms of kit lens vs. non-kit lens, the 14-42mm generally adds $100 to the price over body only, but if you buy it separately it is $300.  Now, there is a new variant of the 14-42mm (14-42EZ) that is much smaller for $350, which would be the limit of your budget.  The 14-42mm range would give you the range you would see up to 56mm in your current lens, so you would not be able to the zooming.

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