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Great old gear

Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster. I had a bit of a revelation today and I wanted to get some other feedback.

I'm a relative newcomer to photography, I've gotten into OM 35mm and 4/3rds DSLRs around the same time a few months ago. I had a little experience paying with friends Cannons and Pentax DSLRS but I never had any real experience with manual photography until now and I'm really enjoying it...

... anyhow the point of my post is that I've been collecting (amassing? ) gear lately abs while on the hunt for a telephoto lens I came across a cheap eBay lot consisting of an E-1 with a misadvertised (stupidly I didn't check into it to deeply, the 80-300mm equiv. sticker threw the seller and listed it as an actual 300mm telephoto) lens. Anyhow I got the lot for around $120 and since I already have a 40-150mm lens I intend to sell it, probably bringing the cost of the e-1 down to around $50...

My initial plan when I thought I was getting a better lens was to keep that and sell the camera and I was briefly disappointed when I thought I would have to sell the lot (thinking the camera wasn't really worth keeping), boy was I wrong. I know it's old, only 5mp, big, heavy and generally clunky but this camera takes beautiful pictures!

Out of curiosity I popped it in manual and started taking photos around the house on this overcast day and I was shocked at the wonderful results. All of the dark photos had fantastic depth and a quality I can't quite describe except to say that they are really atmospheric. It has a brilliant way of capturing light and dark in the same shot that gives a fantastic sense of depth...I will definitely be keeping this camera. I would really like to have a few price points for the E-1 over time too, how much it cost new then how much it was worth second hand when it was a year old then 5 years old etc.

Anyhow I was wondering if other people were as impressed with the E-1 as I am (even compared with more modern gear). I would be interested in other people's experiences using old or supposedly out dated gear that performs beyond expectations. There is a great community and drive to keep old film cameras in use but I've not really come across similar communities devoted to keeping old high end digital equipment in use, perhaps this is an overlooked artistic avenue? Admittedly DSLRs aren't seen as outdated in the same kind of life cycles as phones but the E-1 is almost as old as consumer DSLRs get. I'm a bit of a gear freak and anything new and shiny gets my attention but this experience has really turned me on my head, maybe there's a whole range of potent overlooked cameras going begging out there, put aside Dunphy because they don't have 20 plus million pixels.

I'd really like to see some shots you've taken relatively recently with cameras that are generally considered past their prime. When I get on my computer I'll post the test shots I took (no art to be found there just showing off the curious brilliant quality of the E-1 light handling). So I urge you, rummage through your cupboard and get out that old e-300 or E-30 or even your own E-1 and reacquaint yourself with what you liked about it and post the results!

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